Our Winter Collection is an indulgent journey through all of the wonderful things of the perfect winter storm.  Ring in our holiday season with these gorgeous fragrances that are sure to add elegance to your celebrations.  


Loved by all, this  sugar scrub will leave your skin hydrated and silky.  These  fragrances  will tickle your senses with all things beautiful leaving you feeling elegant and simply gorgeous. 



Cane Sugar

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Fragrance Oil


**This scrub can be used as an entire body polish




Winter Collection Sugar Scrub

  • Scoop a small, coin sized amount into your wet hands in the shower or bath and apply to wet skin.  Massage into the skin to enjoy the silky texture.  Rinse and emerge feeling clean, silky and refreshed.  


    *Please use caution when exiting and entering the shower/tub as the skin loving oils in the product may make surfaces slippery.  Keep water out of the jar.  Should any negative reaction occur, immediately discontinue use and contact your doctor.  


    *Not intended to treat or cure any disease.