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“Something small becomes something extraordinary


The House of Ava began its inception in the streets of New York City.  Lost in the city and stumbling upon a boutique with a different kind of skin care was a pinnacle moment for Michaele Posey.  At the time, the world of body scrubs was in its infancy but left a lasting passion in Michaele’s heart.  


Armed with a passion to  create an affordable luxury experience with gorgeous body care products was of extreme importance.  Several years after her New York City encounter, The House of Ava and sweet lavender morning were born.  Michaele worked tirelessly to create gorgeous body products that not only deliver results but are so luxurious that you almost feel guilty using them!!  


Our unique formulations have become staple beauty care items for so many people around the world.  Our collections and products continue to expand with a mission to create products so gorgeous it’s  like wearing poetry!  


La Vie est Belle

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